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Bete noire


It happened one fateful night
I unleashed a diabolic spirit
Succumbed by hatred and antipathy
It crept and poisoned my cruel heart.


Everything it touched, died
It breathed fallacy and death
It infected my mind, my conscience perished
I let it inside my head. It controlled me.


It forced me to take the rope of escape
Hanging above the ceiling of torment
My lifeless body fell on the grounds of hell
Pain. Agony. No more.


26 thoughts on “Bete noire

  1. My hope one day is to see a transformation from hurt and depression to optimism and hope. And our failures are building blocks of our greatest successes. Even birth itself is painful and we are helpless for most of the first year. Then we learn to walk and talk by trying and failing and failing and succeeding. There is great depth in joy which is greater than the depth of sorrow. God bless. My heart understands and prays pain will soon be a memory.

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      1. I don’t know your specific sorrow source but if I might I’d like to share with you mine. My son died in 1999 at age 31. I literally lost my mind for about 18 months until two women came into my life to help me regain my faith. It was still several years before I could remember all the joy he brought to my life and how blessed I was to have those memories. I was finally ready to move away from the edge of that mountain of pain and not think of jumping off to my death. Today I have my faith and my memories and I know we will be reunited. The pain will never go completely away and some days I’ll break down and cry but I know he’s relieved when I get back up again and walk with him through the park instead of reliving the rush to the emergency room where he died. Time doesn’t heal everything, but it does bring us many days of peace and learning to embrace joy again. God bless. I’d love to walk and talk with you if we lived closer. I hope you don’t mind my caring so deeply for you.

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      2. Awww. You are strong. I am glad you found the will and courage to live on, he may be gone but his memory will never be forgotten. I am sure he’s proud and thankful to have you as his mum. Thank you for sharing. I would love to talk sometime. 😊

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      1. it’s been too long since i’ve visited! I hate my feed, it gets cluttered up and then I miss my faves. I need to unsubscribe (which I don’t want to do) or just start going down the list i made of my favorite blogs.


      2. i get a bunch of commercial stuff on it, they do that on purpose i’m sure. The commercial blogs that are promoting various things.


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