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Chasing June

The delicate rain gently embraced my trembling skin as I get closer to you My throbbing heart drowned the silence Echoing through the veneer of my denial. I caught a glimpse of you from a distance Memorizing each line on your face The stars collided when our eyes met I held my breath, locked in… Continue reading Chasing June

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Ragazza Triste’s Small Talk

  I was never bullied as a kid. I was kind of weird and obnoxious when I was growing up so I guess people kept their distance. I was never good at making friends, I believed that being alone was more convenient. I had trust issues and I didn't like people. But I wasn't a… Continue reading Ragazza Triste’s Small Talk

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Jar of Conscience

    She didn't see me slip a lozenge on the glass of wine she's drinking. She didn't recognise the taste of my horrid attempt. She satiated her itch by shoving the danger down her throat, she didn't even notice my presence, how my ice cold hands touched her hips with malice. The bitch, always… Continue reading Jar of Conscience

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Fun in Ragazza Triste’s Page

Darlings! I am so excited to share something special for y'all. I have prepared fun activities on my page which I will be launching very very soon. The goal of these activities is to get to know everyone a little bit better, to motivate and improve interaction. I am hoping for your participation. I worked… Continue reading Fun in Ragazza Triste’s Page

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The Blogger Spotlight is back!

  Hey darlings!   I would like to share something very special with you. I will be posting the Blogger Spotlight again, new bloggers will be featured and highlighted. It took me a long time to really get myself together. I've been thinking a lot about my page, I know that I may have frustrated… Continue reading The Blogger Spotlight is back!

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It's really an honor to be a part of this growing community. I have been a writer since I was ten years old and being able to connect with different people over the years has been a necessity for me. My job takes a lot of patience and understanding. I deal with a variety of… Continue reading 5 USEFUL TIPS FOR NEW BLOGGERS (NEWBIES, WHERE YOU AT?)