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Parti Pris


I remember when I was a kid, I was probably in 5th grade, I was accused of sending a lewd and profane text to a relative, I can’t really recall the specific content of the text but it’s something along the lines of cursing someone, it was an offensive word which I couldn’t have known the meaning at the time, so I was really confused because I was being incriminated for something I didn’t do.


It was an awful experience, being judged like that, I couldn’t even defend myself because they already came up with the conclusion that I was the one who sent that message, I wasn’t the only one who used that cellphone, that particular cellphone has been used by different people, I borrowed it to play Snake, unluckily, it was in my possession when they realised that a text has been sent, I had nothing to do with it, I couldn’t have sent that text.


I tried to explain, I was being bombed with questions, questions I didn’t know the answer to, I was forced to admit to a mistake that I knew nothing about.


I cried because I felt trapped, they didn’t even give me the benefit of the doubt, they went ahead and crucified me for something I didn’t do. I had to apologise for a sin that had nothing to do with me. I cried alone, I even thought about writing a note declaring my innocence, but I knew that was useless, they would not listen, they believed I was a bad kid, that I had a bad upbringing, that I didn’t have manners. Ugh. It was stupid.


While I was crying alone, the only person who believed that I didn’t do it was my grandfather, he comforted me, too many things has been said but he never believed in any of them. My parents weren’t there to defend me, my grandfather was all I had, he told me; “Don’t mind them, hush. I know you didn’t do it, you’re a good kid, ignore them”Β  those were enough for me.




Have you been unfairly treated when you were a kid? Tell me about it in the comment section.

34 thoughts on “Parti Pris

  1. Well yes, but if I approach this from the side. – when young ,3 or 4, someone told me to say a swear word, so I went in swore in front of everyone. I only stopped when my Grandmother told me a word that I was not allowed to say. Ever. I hounded people with my new swear word ‘Sausages’ πŸ™‚

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  2. As I was reading this, I felt like you were telling MY story, not specifically about a text, but about always being the black sheep in my family, the one who always said the wrong thing, or colored outside the lines….it was my Grandma who stood by my side and kept telling me to do it my way…grandparents are kinda great like that aren’t they?

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  3. Luckily, as a kid I don’t recall being treated unfairly like the way you were in your story, probably because I was the bully? Haha! Well, I was the least favorite by our grandmother so I always get the least attention from her but the feeling is mutual, she’s not my favorite person, too. So I don’t consider that as unfair treatment. Haha!

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  4. As a kid perhaps not, but as a teen yes.

    I’m sorry for you. It is a horrible feeling to be accused for nothing. Many innocent have been judged so by the Law. And have been killed for things they haven’t done. Perhaps it is a lesson for your life?

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  5. That’s so awful! 😧I’m glad your grandfather believed in you.

    When I was in middle school, a bunch of girls ganged up on me at lunch, because they wanted to believe that I was telling a girl they did not like that they were talking crap about her. No one believed me and my supposed to be best friend at the time never even stood up for me, out of loyalty to them. Days later, it came out that a girl they had trusted was the one telling the girl they did not like that they were talking about her. She was a cousin to this girl. I never got an apology for being falsely accused and, needless to say, I found new people to hang with. People can be so cruel sometimes, but it makes us tougher.


  6. Once, when I was around six, my father thought he heard me use a word, I’d never heard before. I repeated the word I had actually used, which was a legitimate proper noun. My mother heard what I had said, and privately upbraided him for accusing me. On the other hand, there was a time when one of my third grade classmates yawned out loud, and told the old art teacher that it had been me who was rude. Being autistic, I had scant idea what was going on and just went with the punishment. My third grade teacher got to the bottom of it and punished the miscreant, even though I had served my time in the hallway.

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  7. These things happens you know you didn’t do anything wrong still forced to accept.. few people don’t count kid’s innocence!! I must say you grandpa was really sweet!!

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  8. I was always blamed for something I didn’t do at times, a classic case of catch 22. Make an innocent person plead guilty, but I learned never to give in because true strength is in the fight. Why should I have to take some nasty cough medicine when my neighbor has a cold? And sometimes all it takes is one person to be on your side to make everything better, and grandparents are always the best.


  9. I was at high school, I was sitting on a bench where my classmates left their bags. Then he came accusing me of stealing his coins. I proceeded with saying that I didn’t stole it and my father has enough provide me with my needs and why would I steal. It haunted me for years, I felt ashamed for the crime I didn’t do. It just feel so incorrect to accuse someone without hearing his side and finding truths.


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