If you want to subscribe, please follow my blog and you can also send me a personal message so I can introduce myself further. Thank you! Have fun writing!





52 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello, I have left you a messaged here, your Instagram and on your Twitter via your link here. Can you kindly let me know and send me a screenshot of who sent you that message about me.

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  2. Hey, um.. I am sorry to contact you here like this but I needed some help. You see, I’m a poet new to this platform and all. Can you please help me out so I can discuss it in detail? You may delete the comment it’s not an issue.
    Thank you so much.

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      1. Um.. Am not sure. But, it would seem the audience is for some reason falling each day, i am not sure if it is because of the content or something else. Could you check it out? Any criticism is welcome.
        Thanks again

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      2. You gotta talk to people, mate. You have to visit other blogs, read their posts, comment and ask them to at least check and follow your page, also, put a display photo, be interactive.


      1. Hi Thanks. I just discussed it with the wordpress staff. Apparantly some of the gravatars does not link it to their blog, so I can not see their profile or smile back.


  3. Hi, I just went through two posts and I am hooked. You are really good. Like really really good. Your writing has this natural frow which I honestly pray to have. I really hope I could learn from you.


  4. I want to say a big thank for contributing to THE VOICES. It is more than an honor to have your contribution. To empower your work on this journal, it is required that you send your profile and web link to our email
    The profile is not expected to be more than 300 words.
    (Please note; i tried to locate your email address but I could not get any)


      1. Hey. Work is still in progress, some contributing writers are yet to submit their profile and I’m just waiting till the end of this week before it gets published.
        Here are the titles gotten from your blog:
        1. LA Douleur Exquise
        2. Breakaway
        3. The bride
        Thanks for sharing your story.


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