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The Last Goodbye

Let me say the words goodbye, for the last time

Let me look in your eyes, with no guilt or loathing
Will you forget about me?
Or our story? I won’t.

Did I make you smile enough? Or almost?
Was I funny? Did my kisses blow you away? Far away?
Did my touch satiate your hunger?
Will you miss the endless nights we shared? I would.

Tell me. How do I start again?
Will it be better for you? Easier?
How do I say good bye to us?
Please, I’m dying here without you. How?

23 thoughts on “The Last Goodbye

  1. What a touching dialogue lovely, the whole thing was emotionally vesting because everything was asked and answered but still left room for answers. A writer draws readers in by getting them involved and that’s what this short prose did and posed the question if it really was the last goodbye? Charming write.


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