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The Last Kiss

Take me back to the day we first met I’d turn around, I’ll look the other way Because I know how this would end. Your smile would bring colour to my grey rainy days Your touch would blow me out of my mind a thousand times Your kiss would drown my senses, begging for more.… Continue reading The Last Kiss

broken · freedom · love · memories · poetry · tears

The Last Goodbye

Let me say the words goodbye, for the last time Let me look in your eyes, with no guilt or loathing Will you forget about me? Or our story? I won’t. Did I make you smile enough? Or almost? Was I funny? Did my kisses blow you away? Far away? Did my touch satiate your… Continue reading The Last Goodbye

breaking free · broken · damaged · fragmented · freedom · hate · heartbreak · love · poetry · pride · tears · vanity


  The silence concealed the cimmerian atmosphere The nipping wind serenaded my ruptured heart My tears collided with esoteric despair Crumbling, drowning   Our hearts etched with years of denial Desires burning no longer Our story pervaded with perrenial guilt Barely escaping the downfall   We stood cowardly upon shattered vows Memories fading painfully as… Continue reading Paradisus