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The Blog Huddle

Hey darlings! What have you been up to? How was your week? How’s everything? Please share some exciting things that’s happened to you these past weeks, I have been elusive once again, I apologise for that, I’m just trying to find inspiration somewhere, I’m reading a lot, I’m watching different stuff, I’m trying to find the strength to continue doing this. I need to recreate that passion, I need it.

Please understand, I need more time to think about my life, I need to have that drive, I have to. If you want to talk to me on private, please send me a message on Twitter @wondercyncyn and @thekookywriter.

Well, enough of the drama, haha. Let’s do a Blog Huddle again for this week, drop your links down below, tell people about you, your page and your writings.

I only have a few reminders for all of you who would like to participate.


  • It would be amazing if you could answer or reply to any queries by other bloggers, although it’s not obligatory, I think it would be nice to help out.
  • Please don’t just post links, I mean, try to describe your page a little bit, a few words would do.
  • Do not spam the comment section, please.
  • Be respectful. Do not leave hate comments or anything that would hurt anyone’s feelings.

There you go, please have fun, I’m doing okay, so please don’t worry too much. He he. I’ll come back stronger and wiser for y’all. See you again for the Blogger Shout Out. I love you, darlings!

Drop your links below, darlings! 🙂

55 thoughts on “The Blog Huddle

  1. That is awesome you do these blog Huddle’s. This week I have been doing some thing I do every year. My brother was killed in a military plain crash 33 years ago and every year there is memorial ceremony for him.
    I will do a post on the ceremony soon.

    I write about residual income and an affiliate membership program designed for people who want to build a life time residual income. You can get in touch with me here,

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    1. Congratulations on your sisters marriage- my blog is about everything life I’m brand new so I’m looking to make contacts and friends in the blog community. I’m still figuring out how to follow people from a post … I’d love to follow you

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  2. Such a wonderful initiative. And I feel it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity. I don’t believe in doing anything for the sake of it. So, please don’t worry.
    I have a recent post on an important life lesson that I learned on my birthday. Here is the link to it.

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  3. Well to start with, I have a new tablet! My old one broke 😭
    Thankfully mom bought me a new one which is far more powerful and bigger than my old one. So Thank you mom!

    I have 2 blogs:
    1/ is my personal blog
    I write about everything . Poetry, short stories, pics, drawings….
    2/ is my travel blog. Tips, advices, stories….

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  4. Hi all… I do sincerely have a question and it is this- how exactly can you earn using your blog? Except advertising the book releases and the other form of advertisements. Do any of guys have any advices on this, like teaming up with someone or something to begin earning as well

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    1. If you subscribe to certain plans you can be paid for the ads on your site people click on. But unless you get a lot of traffic (like a few thousand visitors a day, at least, probably more) it will cost you more than you earn. Certain plans also allow you to create an online shop or payment system. Or you can sign up to something like ko-fi where people can gift you money.

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    2. There is so much information about this on the internet but be careful because it can become overwhelming. It is A LOT! I am just recovering from 6 months of research and my advice is to chose one way to monetize your blog, learn it, live it, breathe it and don’t hold your breath because it is likely you won’t make any income for at least 6 months.


  5. Take as long as you need.
    I’m having some sideways teeth removed next week, which is probably the most exciting thing going on with me.

    Hey there, Huddle! I’m Matt. I write things, like poems. I don’t know if they’re any good because I haven’t read them yet. If anybody wants to have a look and let me know, it would be much my appreciated 😊
    Just pop on over to and see what’s what. Cheers 🍻

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  6. Hello friend. I just asked to follow your Twitter page. I’m @GarnetNGold22. It’s been a rough week on me too. I said good bye to my first pet ever. Sammy was a great dog who I will miss deeply. Life will get better in time tho.

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  7. Hello everyone, I’m a blogger who is travelling and currently touring New Zealand atm. Last time I was on here, I followed some great bloggers. Thanks for doing this Ragazza, it’s a great way to find other interesting bloggers.
    My link is:

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  8. This is wonderful and thank you for doing this again! Don’t worry too much about posting, we all have times where inspiration or drive leaves. Sometimes we just have to refocus on other things for a little while.

    As for my blog, I write short pieces of fiction and occasional poetry. I also post photo’s sometimes. Please have a look and feel free to let me know what you think.

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      1. Hi! There should be a little button to follow down towards the bottom right corner. But I also followed you so you can just follow back from the notification or your stats page.

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  9. Hello everyone and thank you for this post. I am brand new to WordPress and blogging. My site is going to be about life such as, marriage, family, children, family life, food, travel, it’s pretty much a smorgasbord of all topics. If you follow me I will definitely follow back.
    Thank you all in advance

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    I have recently purchased my domain and started over with a new focus on my site. I have dedicated it to self-discovery, self-love, forgiveness, and vulnerability. In January I begin a 52-week challenge to happiness and will be listening to podcasts that lift my spirits. Life with mental illness is a struggle but I am fighting back and learning where I am in the mess. I personally invite everyone to join in. I have shared my life story and begin my journey in January. I hope you join in!

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  11. Thanks so much for this opportunity and I hope to see you back in the thick of things soon! Keep your chin up and cut yourself some slack!
    I am Raegan from Cooking in Cowboy Boots. I am just a regular gal who loves to cook, loves her family and has Multiple Sclerosis. I write a little about everything – family, my MS journey and of course cooking! Please stop by and say hello, here is a link to one of my favourite’s of late

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    1. Hey! My name is Ariel I’m a new blogger in NC. I’m just starting but already very excited to grow my blog and interact with others! My blog is a lifestyle blog. I plan to talk about general life issues, emotions/mental health, health/ fitness, food, beauty and style…the main gist is I write for everyone that doesn’t have it all together I want to show that imperfection is normal and not everyone has it all together!


  12. Hi Shruti here. I am from India. I write about life, lifestyle , frugal living , food and travel..I am just 3 blogs old..still figuring out how to grow my account.technical experience is do help me.. thank you so much to give me this platform to share my from India.
    My blog link is

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  13. My blog is Miss Samantha Creates, it is an art blog with video tutorials, DIYs and watercolour/ painting it would be great if you could follow! Search this link:
    I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


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