brave · breaking free · damaged · darkness · evil · fragmented · hate · heartbreak · revenge

Queen Of The Clouds

She’s unafraid on the surface
But barely keeping her head above water
Drowning in chaos
Drifting further away from the light.

She is a mystery, her mind is an abyss tainted with doubts
Her stories long forgotten,
Pages of cloistered memories
Buried among the debris of her secrets.

She has reached the trifecta of loneliness
Voices inside her head kept her awake
Her hands are cold
Stone cold. Just like her heart.

56 thoughts on “Queen Of The Clouds

  1. Thought of AURORA’s cover of Into the Unknown while reading this. That unknown story buried inside the hearts of people that I want to find. Lovely poem :’)


  2. Beauty belongs among the clouds and one as close to the the clouds is also neighbors with the Sun. So in due time, that cold heart will be melted and all will shine in due time.
    You don’t know how much I love reading pure emotions and your writings have them, that too is where my emotions go, straight into the hearts ink. Great to be reading you, missed you.😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A response is a response lovely, the timing is of no concern….good things are worth waiting for. You’ve been missed, hope all is well. Great to see you back and writing, you haven’t lost a step or skipped a beat and that’s great.❤️🌹. Looking forward to reading your wonderful post.
        Things with me are good, keeping busy, traveling sometimes, working and writing and staying smiling when seeing the wonderful people of the press.😊


      1. Hi! Steph, right? Sorry, my memory is betraying me haha.
        We’re okay in here. Thanks for asking.
        How about you? How are you holding up?


      2. Yes! Memo plus is truly effective hahaha.
        Good to hear that you’re okay. Are you with your family? Stay safe and well.


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