brave · breaking free · damaged · darkness · evil · fragmented · hate · heartbreak · revenge

Queen Of The Clouds

She’s unafraid on the surfaceBut barely keeping her head above waterDrowning in chaosDrifting further away from the light. She is a mystery, her mind is an abyss tainted with doubtsHer stories long forgotten,Pages of cloistered memoriesBuried among the debris of her secrets. She has reached the trifecta of lonelinessVoices inside her head kept her awakeHer… Continue reading Queen Of The Clouds

broken · damaged · evil · fragmented · heartbreak

Ragazza Triste’s Quandary

  I am confused, tired and demented. I just feel so lonely right now. I keep thinking about negative things, my weaknesses, judgment from other people, the pressure of life is just too much to take. I feel like I am just existing, without purpose, my heart is filled with doubts and dismay. I don't… Continue reading Ragazza Triste’s Quandary