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The Blueberry Scandal


The night was rather gelid, no sign of life to drown the silence, the rain has wiped out any hope of comfort. It was a complete darkness.

A figure shrouded in fog suddenly emerged from the rubble, a silhouette of a man, he was covered in blood, wet liquid of terror, a crimson colour of tribulation.

He wept like a child, fell to his knees and cried, clenching his fist, he cursed the world, he yelled justice, he demanded an explanation. Then he slowly remembered.

An obscene sight of betrayal. Punches were thrown, blood splattered on the walls of turpitude, guts everywhere, eviscerated. Then there was the deafening silence. Sobs. Deep bellow of remorse.

It kept raining as the man disappeared into the night. He mourned for a lost part of him, even the welkin mourned with him.

21 thoughts on “The Blueberry Scandal

  1. I’m imagining that he walked in on his significant other keeping company with a lover and in a blind rage, he killed them both with his inhumane strength.


    1. Hmmm. You said it. This is actually just from the perspective of the man. We couldn’t be sure if he killed his lover and the other lover, maybe there was an altercation, I will be writing another from the perspective of the woman and the guy she cheated with.

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