He came in with an incurable plague
His dismal figure reeked of death and decay
Everything he touched withered into imminent demise
He is a baleful pestilence, roaming.

With impure intention, he waited
Like a prey in the night, lurking through nigtmares
His insatiable hunger permeated the depressive night
Haunting, starving.

He found me wandering along a dark path
His presence made my heart cower in fear
His demonic eyes could see through my broken soul
My misery invited him in, my fate is sealed.


      1. He’ll show up in the last minute, no doubt. He always loves to make an entrance.


  1. Interesting! I like your expressiveness. You convey a lot of feeling in your writing. …
    Your site has a good vibe. …
    Thanks for your recent comments on my site – I appreciate being appreciated.


  2. Such a potent presence and description of a figure, the killer of fathers….death. Dark and misunderstood to some, you painted this dismal picture with such dark colors that you brought him to life with such artful description. You killed this, no pun intended, this was dark but yet vividly bright when it comes to the mind.


      1. Writers of a feather scribble togetherπŸ˜‰. So welcome for the support and thank you back lovely, love your blog and all that you do. And your spotlight for pointing out talent, you’re awesome, you have my support.


  3. Hi, You are a great writer! I am very impressed with your poetry! I have always been envious (not in a jealous way) of those who can write poetry, but in a way of totally admiration for the craft. I love your blog and I wanted to take the time to thank you, for reading my blog post and commenting as well. I totally appreciate it. As you know it is very hard to come up with something to write regularly. I took a week off last week and may take another couple of days, to continue to regroup and come up with something worthy of writing that will help and encourage others, which is my mission for the blog in the first place. I wish you continued success with your writing and will be checking you out regularly. Take care, and have a great rest of the summer.


    1. Wow. This is really encouraging and unexpected. You have passion and the sincerity, I know that someday, you will be someone who could influence people by your writings. I would love to know more about you and I am here if you have any questions or i you need help. Keep writing!


  4. Evil always preys upon the spiritually vulnerable. Lying in wait. You would be correct in that it always needs an invitation.


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