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The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Sona A.


Hey, lovelies! Before I announce the next blogger to be featured, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to all of you. A few days ago, I posted a negative monologue, a prose full of hate and negativity. I was feeling morose and withdrawn, I needed to loosen up. I didn’t think a lot of you would care and show any concern, I was wrong, you guys are amazing; I felt the love and the genuine support. Thank you. My heart is bursting with pride because I found you guys. Thank you for the love!




NAME: Sona A

BLOG PAGE: Sparkling Sona




Sona is a very talented writer. Her poems are impressive, she’s genuine and sincere. I think it’s safe to say that she’s a romantic like me, that’s why I like reading her works. When I told her that I will be featuring her page on my series, she was actually very shy and embarrassed, she told me that she’s scared because she thought she didn’t deserve to be celebrated, she was really hesitant to participate. Sona is from India. She loves music; she plays the guitar and piano. She also writes songs and like me, she loves singing, la la la. Ha ha! She is totally bang-up!



 The heart of a writer is a mystery; there is concealed darkness, a profound devotion, and pure comfort. What I like about Sona’s page is her sincerity, her genuine interpretation of love and her authentic faith in human’s emotion. Her poems and writings are love letters, an honest reflection of her heart. I enjoyed taking a peek into her world; I’d like to think that we’re both hopeless romantics. Her page is an inspiration. I admire her humility, that’s one of my favorite qualities in a person and I got to give her that. You’ll fall in love with her page. I did.



 I asked her a few questions about random things.



 Well, I started this blog mainly to move myself away from negativity and to focus on love and positive emotions. Writing sweet romantic poems fills my own heart with love. Since I strongly believe that our beautiful world could do more with love spinning around its orbit, I am happy to do my little part. If some people are not interested in what I write, it is perfectly fine because there are always some who will relate, who will connect and even appreciate. My blog has helped me tremendously, and I suppose that is the beauty of art. It soothes quietly and touches our heart, even without us realizing it.



I would like to learn some new words probably (Ha ha!) and enhance my vocabulary! WP is loaded with talent and I have been lucky enough to find some amazing writers. Otherwise, I do want to keep the simple and heartfelt romantic essence of my poetry and discover my own unique style along the way.



What Movie? Oh my! That’s a real tough one. I can’t think of any. Maybe they will make a movie about me someday and then I will be able to answer that! (Ha ha!)! Till then, it’s just me and my blog and my own world of romance.


“You are the only one I crave
in the middle of the night.
The one I want most.”  –- Sona




Alright, lovelies! Ms. Sona, our blogger of the week. I am encouraging you to visit her page, read some of her posts and give her some WP love. Let’s support and motivate bloggers like her. You can also try to re-blog or re-post this. Let everyone know.



How do you feel about this? Please let me know in the comment section. Do you wanna be featured next?

94 thoughts on “The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Sona A.

  1. So glad you are feeling better, I told you that you’re a storm and you would storm right back to recovery. You are a lovely and strong person and we support you😊. Great to see another spotlighted blogger on the set, a hopeless romantic, I will visit her page soon, your last spotlighted blogger was awesome so I’m sure this one won’t be any different. You have an eye for talent. Great to see you back! 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Angel, hope you are doing well. It’s been one year since you did this amazing blogger spotlight for me and I cannot thank you enough. It definitely brought me many followers but most importantly it introduced me to a person who changed my life around and gave me an entire Galaxy of joy. Many best wishes to you from both of us. Thank you for being so sweet. Hugs and kisses♥️😎😙😙

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi, Sona. Thank you so much for the never ending love and support. I am more than lucky to be able to have known such a talent like you. Give my best to Roy. Love you both. 😘

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  2. Hey guys, I would love to get featured too. Please subscribe to my blog and you won’t regret it. I upload the hottest gist from Nigeria and the world!! Thank you guys


  3. Your kind words utterly humble me Angel. This means so, so much. I am so touched by your words that I can’t find my own words to express my gratitude.
    Yes, I am a bit shy and you are absolutely right when you say I am a hopeless romantic. Haha! No ma’am, I won’t deny that! Which other emotion is more beautiful in this world than love, be it in any form? Happy to see you are in the same club as me!!!
    Thank you soooo very much for this. Please check your email once.
    I have written a letter to you, which I doubt makes much sense since my heart was overflowing with love while writing! But I have heard that love has no language, so I hope you will be able to read it.
    Once again, please accept my utter gratitude and myriad thanks for such a wonderfully sweet , thoughtful and kind gesture. I appreciate it much more than I can possibly say.
    Lots of love


  4. First of all, I’m happy you feel the love and support in this family. We all need to know someone out there cares. I care! Secondly, great write up! Going to check out her blog!! Bravo to you both!

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