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Bees and Clover

I wrote this letter to apologise. This is not an elaborate ploy or a frolic alibi. I need to get this off of my chest, not because of guilt or contrition, but because you deserve it. I might have hurt you in the past, unintentionally, I might have said something offensive and judgmental, I was… Continue reading Bees and Clover

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The Last Kiss

Take me back to the day we first met I’d turn around, I’ll look the other way Because I know how this would end. Your smile would bring colour to my grey rainy days Your touch would blow me out of my mind a thousand times Your kiss would drown my senses, begging for more.… Continue reading The Last Kiss

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Cynthia’s Animus

The haunting echoes of yesterday maimed my senses The ominous melody of sadness filled my thoughts I closed my eyes. Reminisced The memories still etched somewhere within my consciousness. My private demons, detrimental chaos The betrayal, the obvious loathing, never ending I still have the names, written on a death note Wishing hell has a… Continue reading Cynthia’s Animus

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Jar of Conscience

    She didn't see me slip a lozenge on the glass of wine she's drinking. She didn't recognise the taste of my horrid attempt. She satiated her itch by shoving the danger down her throat, she didn't even notice my presence, how my ice cold hands touched her hips with malice. The bitch, always… Continue reading Jar of Conscience

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The Secret Rendezvous

  In a crescentic view of the midnight sky Two lost souls found a sanctum of satyric relish Lips consumed with burning lust Eyes engrossed in a rhythmic seduction.   Her soft skin brushed against his sturdy figure Her fingers trailed with quiver on his back Her body arched with delirious pleasure Teasing, taunting.  … Continue reading The Secret Rendezvous

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Whoa! This is definitely unexpected. To be nominated and acknowledged again by amazing and talented writers all over WordPress is truly incredulous. Sometimes I think that I am not worthy of all these, but my heart is filled with adoration and gratefulness. I am so fortunate and proud to be a part of this awesome… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award