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  Then I hear his name Like a euphonious melody to my ears, it sings Like a chain to my heart, I am restrained.   I can think of a thousand words to write I can compose hundreds of lyrical emotions I can create unfeigned lines and phrases   But when I am with you,… Continue reading Romanice

believe · brave · breaking free · crush · destiny · faith · fate · heartbreak · hope · inspire · love · making love · pride · tears · unrequited love

Hey, Crush

I had a dream last night We were lost in a maze of chimeral delusion Surrounded by enchanted yearning You took my hand, I felt solace.     Your eyes beaming with credence Your lips chanted words of comfort I couldn't move I couldn't take my eyes off of you.     I can hear… Continue reading Hey, Crush

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  Armed with effete exordium, the writer began her written composition with outright ignorance. Her thoughts were archaic and dull and her heart was a cocktail of puerile sentiments and jejune convictions. Her words were prosaic. Her letters were wistful. Her imperfection sipped out with every single pour.   She is a writer. A writer… Continue reading Berserk

believe · breaking free · courage · destiny · fate · heartbreak · hope · inspire · love · making love · pain · pride · support · tears · unrequited love

Into The Wild

Our story can't be written without prudence, it cannot survive the downfall, it cannot be justified. It is a book meant to be cloistered away in complete obscurity. There is no victory in this narrative, no tragic ending, no celebrated hero, only profound grief and anguish. I am a writer. You are my oblivious subject.… Continue reading Into The Wild

believe · brave · broken · courage · crush · damaged · destiny · fate · heartbreak · hope · inspire · love · pain · support · tears · unrequited love


It was the cold month of February, I was just an almost woman trying to blend in to a world of audacious behaviour and raging adolescence. I was an emotional wreck when he found me, he was just an ordinary guy, with a passive character, quiet but errant in an amusing way, you'd certainly notice… Continue reading February

believe · brave · breaking free · courage · destiny · faith · fate · freedom · heartbreak · love · pain · tears

Star-crossed Lovers

Serenity: I felt a sudden moment of solace when you kissed me, the world crumbled below my defiance, my nerves jolted , my universe lost its course. When you pulled me in, I felt another version of the world, I felt a different kind of defeat, something that I'll never be able to reminisce, too… Continue reading Star-crossed Lovers