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박지민 : The Little Prince

His hair is a palette of different colours Pink tulips in a garden of sublime beauty and elegance Purple strands of perfection drifting underneath the stars Gold stardust, shimmering in the pale moonlight Glittering, blinding like the sun Orange lust, captivating every hue of human desire Green chameleon, every part of him moves with great… Continue reading 박지민 : The Little Prince

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Future Love

It seemed like my heart decided to choose you even before I knew you existed I saw your face in my dreams Your image kept me awake every night Begged me to find you among the crowd. I memorized the warmth of your embrace even before you touched me The familiar scent of your body… Continue reading Future Love

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Love Powder

I love thee as I love the smooth scent of winter roses The blossoming of early pearls The bursting of the solemn trees Endurance from the sun I love thee as I love the falling rain The melting snow in a glance The clear drops of endless purity Two phases of the sky I love… Continue reading Love Powder

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  Then I hear his name Like a euphonious melody to my ears, it sings Like a chain to my heart, I am restrained.   I can think of a thousand words to write I can compose hundreds of lyrical emotions I can create unfeigned lines and phrases   But when I am with you,… Continue reading Romanice

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Hey, Crush

I had a dream last night We were lost in a maze of chimeral delusion Surrounded by enchanted yearning You took my hand, I felt solace.     Your eyes beaming with credence Your lips chanted words of comfort I couldn't move I couldn't take my eyes off of you.     I can hear… Continue reading Hey, Crush

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Into The Wild

Our story can't be written without prudence, it cannot survive the downfall, it cannot be justified. It is a book meant to be cloistered away in complete obscurity. There is no victory in this narrative, no tragic ending, no celebrated hero, only profound grief and anguish. I am a writer. You are my oblivious subject.… Continue reading Into The Wild