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A Gloomy Letter

When I’m gone from this world, how will you remember me? Will you miss the memories of our past? The kisses we shared, the nights we cherished Will you shed a tear for my pain? Will you recognize my face from afar? When I disappear from your grasp Will you miss my sweet embraces? The… Continue reading A Gloomy Letter

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Bees and Clover

I wrote this letter to apologise. This is not an elaborate ploy or a frolic alibi. I need to get this off of my chest, not because of guilt or contrition, but because you deserve it. I might have hurt you in the past, unintentionally, I might have said something offensive and judgmental, I was… Continue reading Bees and Clover

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The Lemon Avenue

  A dilapidated house sat in the middle of nowhere, the walls have deteriorated through years of neglect, the roof was damaged by elements of lies and deception. It was a four-walled dungeon hidden behind the guilty eyes of the damned fools who tried to salvage its existence. As the howling of birds succumbed into… Continue reading The Lemon Avenue

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Private Demon

“Don’t dwell on the past, it’s going to weigh you down, it’s going to leave you shattered and empty" I have a very profound definition of hate. Hate is always a part of my personality, after all, I hate myself, I am not really in peace with my inner character. I am haunted by a… Continue reading Private Demon

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And there it was Behold the beast of despair Standing in front of me Eyes that know no forgiveness Mouth that spits disgrace Moving closer It grinned with malice I closed my eyes, ready to perish Accepted my fate Embraced my private demon For no matter how it could hurt me I could never hate… Continue reading Knives

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We all have secrets. We all have something to hide, something to protect about ourselves, something unacceptable. We all have sins. We all have different faces behind closed door, a face we don't want other people to see, a face we keep to vindicate our hidden iniquities, a face we can't afford to lose.  I… Continue reading Diabolus