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Big Heart

Six times a week I saw him there. He was the first one to always greet me whenever I arrive at work. He is a big man. You can already assume that he is from Africa or Bangladesh because of his skin colour. His hair is the typical-curly-I-woke-up-like-this kind of hair. He was always the coy… Continue reading Big Heart

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The Orange Prison

I took myself out today, went to the mall alone, bought a tall chocolate frappe from Starbucks, ordered spaghetti with meatballs, a side of garlic bread and double cheese fries. I do this once every two months, splurge on food and eat a lot. Then I saw her, a middle aged Filipina sitting across the… Continue reading The Orange Prison

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Fun in Ragazza Triste’s Page

Darlings! I am so excited to share something special for y'all. I have prepared fun activities on my page which I will be launching very very soon. The goal of these activities is to get to know everyone a little bit better, to motivate and improve interaction. I am hoping for your participation. I worked… Continue reading Fun in Ragazza Triste’s Page

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It's really an honor to be a part of this growing community. I have been a writer since I was ten years old and being able to connect with different people over the years has been a necessity for me. My job takes a lot of patience and understanding. I deal with a variety of… Continue reading 5 USEFUL TIPS FOR NEW BLOGGERS (NEWBIES, WHERE YOU AT?)

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Hannah Frost

  The path to freedom was dark and menacing Underneath the stars was an array of primordial malady Nowhere to run, no great escape to perceive No love story to be written. A hero came and stirred up chaos Fought in the midst of uncertainty Crashed and burned, bloodied pride White sleeve, drenched in red.… Continue reading Hannah Frost

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The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Manessah B.

  We're back on the series, lovelies! After a couple of months without posting the spotlight, I am proud to give you another peek at a talented blogger/writer that I admire. Her strong heart won me over and I'd like to call her the "brave heart writer".     THE SPOTLIGHT IS NOW FOCUSED ON… Continue reading The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Manessah B.

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Tsaran, tsaran!

Heeeeeeyyyyy! Lovelies! WPeeps! I am back. Ragazza Triste is back! I miss y'all so much, I hope you haven't forgotten about me, not yet, at least. Ha ha! These past couple of months has been a cocktail of emotions, I was on vacation, I was off the grid, I wasn't online or socially active on… Continue reading Tsaran, tsaran!

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Ragazza’s sojourn

Hey lovelies! How are you? I miss you guys! I truly apologise for not being around that much. I've been reading some of the posts, the emotional and poetic poems, the writings, the stories, fictions, struggles, celebration and awards. I've been seeing some great ideas and activities, I just couldn't leave a comment on each… Continue reading Ragazza’s sojourn

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The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Zeina

THE SPOTLIGHT IS NOW FOCUSED ON OUR FEATURED BLOGGER: NAME: Zeina BLOG PAGE: Writingwithanopenheart BLOG LINK: Zeina’s page is simple, direct and honest. I enjoy reading her creative writings; I have always been a fan of her work. She’s very sweet, she likes Gillian Flynn very much. She likes Celine, Madonna and Movie Evita.… Continue reading The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Zeina