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Tommy was oddly happy today, there was something peculiar about the way he grabbed his jacket, or the way he shuffled through his things, or the reluctant glances he so desperately tried to hide when I came barging in the room. He looked very different, his eyes were gleaming with hope and liberation, youth was… Continue reading Hunch

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The Orange Prison

I took myself out today, went to the mall alone, bought a tall chocolate frappe from Starbucks, ordered spaghetti with meatballs, a side of garlic bread and double cheese fries. I do this once every two months, splurge on food and eat a lot. Then I saw her, a middle aged Filipina sitting across the… Continue reading The Orange Prison

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Cynthia’s Animus

The haunting echoes of yesterday maimed my senses The ominous melody of sadness filled my thoughts I closed my eyes. Reminisced The memories still etched somewhere within my consciousness. My private demons, detrimental chaos The betrayal, the obvious loathing, never ending I still have the names, written on a death note Wishing hell has a… Continue reading Cynthia’s Animus

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The Lemon Avenue

  A dilapidated house sat in the middle of nowhere, the walls have deteriorated through years of neglect, the roof was damaged by elements of lies and deception. It was a four-walled dungeon hidden behind the guilty eyes of the damned fools who tried to salvage its existence. As the howling of birds succumbed into… Continue reading The Lemon Avenue

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He came in with an incurable plague His dismal figure reeked of death and decay Everything he touched withered into imminent demise He is a baleful pestilence, roaming. With impure intention, he waited Like a prey in the night, lurking through nigtmares His insatiable hunger permeated the depressive night Haunting, starving. He found me wandering… Continue reading Cronus

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The Secret Rendezvous

  In a crescentic view of the midnight sky Two lost souls found a sanctum of satyric relish Lips consumed with burning lust Eyes engrossed in a rhythmic seduction.   Her soft skin brushed against his sturdy figure Her fingers trailed with quiver on his back Her body arched with delirious pleasure Teasing, taunting.  … Continue reading The Secret Rendezvous