broken · damaged · darkness · fragmented · heartbreak · memories · pain · poetry · tears


The touch of the tattersall against my skin is cold— uninviting

The cacophony of indistinct noises hangs over my head like a broken record— unwelcoming

My heart hollowed by the loneliness gripping my senses

The dismal longing seems endless

I shouldn’t be here but I am

I should be free but I am shackled

Dreading the long way home, fearing the unknown.

3 thoughts on “Remnants

  1. My dear friend Cynthia,

    It is as if your soul speaks
    – that has been travelling in the bondage of the mind since time immemorial, in search of its true home. In fact, we have all been travelling endlessly in coming and going and are still here: bound, gagged, tied to our own ego and mind. But as the longing continues to grow, the fear of the unknown will diminish and the courage to find the eternal home will increase.

    Great writing, dear friend 🙂
    Hugs and love


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