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You are the memory I wish I do not forget
The summer days we spent together, talking to the wind, not caring about anything else
The favourite blue coat you used to wear
Still etched on my mind.

We used to have long walks
Your footprints guided my every step
The trees we used to sit under, all forgotten now
But I remember them, your stories kept them alive.

On your last days, your silence loomed over me
I knew you were leaving even before you said goodbye
Your eyes told me, when they took you away, my heart somehow knew.

I still see you in my dreams, I still feel you when I’m alone
When I listen to our songs, a part of you still lingers
Keeping me safe, asking me to be brave
And because of you, I am.

14 thoughts on “Lolo

      1. Wow! That is so cool. It’s good that you are able to do something you love although it’s a business travel. Some people like you choose to stay at hotels to pass time. 🤣


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