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Judging from the dirt in his feet and the crumpled bottle beside him, the man sleeping on the cold cement floor of the bus stop is obviously drunk or has passed out because of the weather. I didn’t think much of it, I see that shit everyday and people don’t care, we have our own shit to deal with.

A woman knelt down, gently placed a 20aed bill on his sordid open hand and headed out the bus stop. I was stunned. That simple act of kindness fucking overwhelmed me, I couldn’t stop crying, the tears flowed down on my face like a fucking faucet of shame and selfishness. They wouldn’t stop, I was smiling, crying, sniffing away the guilt embedded in my conscience. What transpired before my eyes left a bitter taste in my mouth for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Under

  1. Some people look at others as people too and decide that no one is beneath them. We are no better than the next, we can learn a lesson from a honor person as well as a homeless person. Having a heart is what makes us human, in life…we teach people how we want to be treated.

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