betrayal · broken · damaged · darkness · death · evil · fragmented · hate · love · pain · past · poetry · revenge · tears


A sharp pang of brusque pain blistered his weakened skin
His frail body shivered to the echo of the hostile darkness
His empty stomach growled with intense hunger and famine.

Barefooted, he walked the streets marked by malevolence
Clothed barely, stripped of humanity
In his shadows lingered the stench of death.

Dead man on the inside, mortally decayed.
Abandoned by justice, forsaken by hope.

22 thoughts on “Exul

  1. Powerfully evocative and quite striking in your imagery. There’s a plague-like sort of air to this, destitution in the flesh, mortification of the soul lingering in the physicality of a wet footprint on the dirty paths of the city. Quite delicious, excellently written.


    1. Wow. Your comment is spot on, Masa. I saw a homeless guy while on my way home riding the bus and I had this feeling in my stomach β€” a feeling of pity, hopelessness. I had to put it in writing. Thank you for this great comment. 😌

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  2. Without hope what does one have? That’s why they follow the light…from a spark, a sun or a smileβ™₯️. Seeing you back makes me smile, great to see you doing what you love and this descriptive piece was so understandable. To feel emotions like you do and storylize them is art. Keep smiling, writing and hope you’re staying safe lovely.β™₯️🌹


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