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The crescent moon talked to me last night, it lulled me with stories from galaxies unknown, of love and sacrifice, of betrayal and redemption.

The northern lights whispered a sonata of secrets, a cosmic wonderland of unwritten magic and enchantments.

My mind drifted into space, the mikrokosmos told me to find you among the ruins of my imagination, it said that my heart would lead the way.

Lost in a celestial euphoria, staring upon a myriad of stars. I wished for you.

10 thoughts on “Mikrokosmos

  1. Love and sacrifice, betrayal and redemption…that’s powerful statements Ragazza🌹. Universal romance and cosmic love all wrapped in one and that’s a lovely affair between two that’s meant to be. Love how you flowed the words of this piece and put your emotion into it.


  2. Great, my dear friend — when I watch into the nightsky I feel the breath of eternity, illuminating bliss, like an arrow shot by the galaxy to go deeply into my heart.
    Hugs and love, my dear Cynthia 🙂


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