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Rose petals, scattered on the floor

The smell of chocolate permeating through the air

Scented candles, flickering

Two hearts, beating unsteadily

Uttering promises of tomorrow, lips becoming one

Unclad and exposed, falling deeper.

Every touch is an echo, every move is a sign

Their shadows danced in the darkness

No words spoken, no words needed.

13 thoughts on “Arrows

      1. Hey lovely!🌹. It’s been sooo long, I’ve been good. A few things have changed but other than that, I’ve been doing good😁. Hope you’ve been doing well.❤️


      2. That’s good to hear lovely, glad to hear things are going well. And getting by sounds great, we’re all trying and keep smiling while doing it. Sona? She’s okay I’m guessing.😊


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