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박지민 : The Little Prince

His hair is a palette of different colours

Pink tulips in a garden of sublime beauty and elegance

Purple strands of perfection drifting underneath the stars

Gold stardust, shimmering in the pale moonlight

Glittering, blinding like the sun

Orange lust, captivating every hue of human desire

Green chameleon, every part of him moves with great finesse

Stygian, his eyes are a mystery, a journey of untravelled wilderness.

77 thoughts on “박지민 : The Little Prince

      1. Yea I’m a huge fan of Korean actors, k-dramas and their songs!😍 and I’m also learning the language on an app


  1. Gorgeous! Green represents chameleon as portrayed in the poem. From where I came from, chameleon represents Camouflage. The person described is unpredictable. Hope I got the context.


  2. Missed reading your works!
    Anyway, when I checked your blog, it came to me that I’m not following you at all, I didn’t unfollow though.

    But this is a beautiful work (as always) . Hope you’re well :))


      1. Yeah, WordPress glitches 😶.
        I’m doing good, chaotic because of school opening.
        How about you?
        We’re not connected on other social media platforms anymore. I restarted new socmed accounts, Will love to follow you there


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