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Pied Worship

Love me, only me. Without a doubt, without reservation

Seduce me, lure me in the web of your delusion

Take me, use me, abuse my trust until I suffer the consequence

Hurt me, trick me, destroy my pride with sweet intense.

Down on my knees, desperate for attention

I’ll vomit blood for a taste of your perfection

Crawling, begging for a piece of paradise

Beneath the cold, a slave of your disguise.

Chained to you. Forever a peon of a fake romance

Bleeding from the inside, trapped in a demonic trance

Mad for you, bad for you

I’d die for you, just love me too.

27 thoughts on “Pied Worship

  1. Nicely written. Would love a Punk Rock retort when the person wises up and realises there is more to themselves than what others see in them.

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  2. Ragazza!!! Such feeling behind your writing has always made me a tranced fan😉, this has that Slave for You/ Black Out Days vibe to it. Willing to do whatever it takes even if it means selling the worth of feeling for love and the price of that worship probably won’t be equally spent. But the words spent deserves way more return because the put out is beauty in a dark way if love is what is being sought.🌹

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  3. Wow! Intense! You’re right, raw emotion- then we catch that we are enough and suffer regret… BUT it’s still part of our/your story and makes us reflect yet ohhhh so much stronger and better for it

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  4. I could feel the emotions ! And believe me it was touchy but was not feeling nice from inside.

    Don’t be broke to break yourself and get hurt,
    as certain things lies on the move on,
    sometimes body and eyes needs someone.
    maybe someone is looking for you heart inside,
    maybe I can hold you,
    but as a stranger you behold me too,
    it’s deep, it’s crushed,
    maybe someone good is there for all.

    Peace !!
    At the end once again you have a nice thing with bad emotions up there !!

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