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She’s pretty, young and innocent

Everything you ever wanted

Your smile is different when you’re with her

There’s a certain sparkle in your eyes I didn’t see before.

I threw all my love letters away, they’re meaningless now

The titles in my poems are now just a figment of the past you didn’t know

There is no sadness in this plot, no guilt or tragedy

I am happy for you, your story is finally written, a new chapter has begun.

I can still remember how you made me feel

The occasional admiration cloistered in the deepest part of me

Maybe I’ll write about you in my dreams, somehow

For in my dreams you’ll stay, only in my dreams.


22 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. I love how you wrote this lovely and the title seems to tie into it in a way. Dreams can be reoccurring and like the Oceans waves continuously washing on the shore, it’s a repeating thing but that’s all it is because things get washed away and something anew starts. It’s never an end, just always a new beginning for an Ocean. You’ve been missed dearly, hope you had a beautiful holiday🌹, you still haven’t missed a step in putting your feelings in ink. Beautiful job indeed.❤️

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      1. Happy Christmas and hoping a joyous New Year lovely, missed you too so much. Everything is good, still smiling, writing and profiling. Been keeping an eye out on blogs but also been busy with travel. Hope everything is great with you and looking forward to laying my eyes on your amazing feelings you spill into art.❤️

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  2. With this poem titled “Ocean”, it sounds like you’ve just emerged from a hurricane, breathing deep the calm sea air. 🙂

    I interpreted this as you writing a letter to yourself, as something of a remembrance to your past and a welcome to your future.


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