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Future Love

It seemed like my heart decided to choose you even before I knew you existed

I saw your face in my dreams

Your image kept me awake every night

Begged me to find you among the crowd.

I memorized the warmth of your embrace even before you touched me

The familiar scent of your body sent me spinning out of control

You got me falling so fast, without assurance

Took the plunge unafraid to lose.

I tasted your lips even before they ravished mine

Delirious with endless desire, intoxicated

A slave for a moment with you

Longing. Searching.

9 thoughts on “Future Love

  1. Beautiful. May God give you the man of your dreams. I had a failed marriage, years later a fiancé that passed away and I was in my early 50’s before God gave me the man of my dreams (see ) I had to learn to be content to be alone and enjoy my life with friends and family yet I longed for a man just as you do. Keep writing. Keep trusting God. Keep asking God for that special man but while you wait, enjoy the people who are in your life right now, today. ( You probably already know these things, but just in case you need a little reminder…)
    Would you please read my blog and make a comment?


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