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The Saddest Cure

A vague silhouette of a woman woke me up in the middle of the night. Her deep bellows sent a familiar fear in my whole body, I froze.

I peeked through the window, shivering, holding my breath, careful not to make a sound, the silence brought an atmosphere of sadness, I felt it.

It was cold, the darkness engulfed the evening like a sad song humming stories of heartbreak and tragic lullabies, my eyes still glued at the mysterious figure five feet away from me, I finally built up the strength to come closer to her, she didn’t flinch, she didn’t move. I waited, wondered who she is, why she was here.

When I glanced at her again, her eyes fixed in my direction, I trembled, her eyes, I think I’ve seen those lonely eyes before, from somewhere, long ago and forgotten, her eyes that mourned for a loss that hasn’t happened yet, I recognized them. I think I know who that woman is, deep in my heart, I’ve always known.

20 thoughts on “The Saddest Cure

  1. It’s ironic how we can reflect and write the deep places in our souls. The unhealed, the mystery, our contemplation. I believe as each of us seeks deeply within ourselves we will be able to see past the circumstances that brought us the dark and be able to one day see the light, see ourselves as we were truly made to be – people of light, for light and love. Keep writing, I believe you’ll find you in the process.

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    1. Hello. I know that I am two years late with my reply but I just want you to know that I appreciate your words. I have been thinking a lot, lately. I have been spending so much time on WordPress and I feel different, I missed everyone and it makes me sad to know that a lot of my friends here have stopped coming around, some of them have completely left their pages inactive and it’s heartbreaking. I hope that you are still here. 🙂


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