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The Cat Lady

This world is still filled with good people, there is still hope for all of us, humanity still has a chance. Why? I met an Indian woman on the way home today, she got out from a red Chevy pick-up, she was wearing a red dress as bright as her smile, carrying a container of cat food, a group of cats swarmed in her direction, familiar with her kindness, recognizing her scent, one adult cat even brushed against her car, purring with gratitude.

I was touched, being the cat lover that I am, I chased her while she’s pouring cat food in every empty bin on the side of the road, cats meowing in unison. I introduced myself and we spoke for about 10 minutes, I have nothing but respect for this woman. I didn’t get to ask her name but she showed me three things today. Hope. Compassion. Love.

25 thoughts on “The Cat Lady

  1. I appreciate this post as a cat lover myself, I am sorry for all the ones I can not save. I tend to believe that a person’s character can be viewed by how they treat an animal. I do not expect everyone to bend over backward for them, but I do expect them to be shown compassion. Thanks for the great read.

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  2. People like that just shows that there are still humans in this world, and that there are things worth smiling about. Acts of kindness with no expectations restores belief in humanity sometimes. There are good people, you see them on the street, in shops, on blogs and some write about other good people.πŸ˜‰


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