195 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. Loved the idea of Blogger Spotlight can’t wait to watch your video.. I think my fellow bloggers have already asked so many questions πŸ˜‰
    Wishing you all the best dear!! ❀️

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  2. Okay, I came up so far for these questions πŸ˜‚
    β€’ When did you started writing?
    β€’ Can you still remember your first writing?
    β€’ Do you also encounter some points when you feel like you can’t write anything?
    β€’ Do you also struggle thinking of a Title? Or building phrases?

    That’s it. I’d love to wait for the answers.


      1. That’s it.
        That’s the things I’m curious about my fave writer. πŸ™‚

        Welcome. Xo


      2. Wait, may isa pa.
        I think I should ask this.. πŸ˜€
        β€’ How did you discover your talent?

        Xx. Quite exciting.


  3. For how long have you been blogging?
    Where does your inspiration comes from?
    What is the most challenging thing about blogging?
    Have you ever thought about giving up or got discouraged about blogging?


  4. Love your site ! I just started following you ..can you follow me back to help support my new blogging site!!


  5. That’s a lot of questions. You are going to be quite busy. So, how do you find time and energy to maintain faith in a belief system or religion that is eroding away bit by bit? Is it hard to hang on to a system of religion that has become completely corrupt? Oh, and what’s your favorite wine?


  6. Here’s one: what do you think your biggest secret or reason has been for the success of your blog? Why would you think you’ve had such success is attracting commenters on your posts?


  7. Congrats and you new endeavor and it is understandable…projects are time consuming… By the way, I still write with a pen and paper… requires less thinking and don’t have to worry about the miss hitting a key…some of my thoughts come to quick… or just simply put…I’m old fashioned… be bless and much respect, honor and love


  8. Wow Ragazza, so pleasant to hear from you. It’s been too long. I know writing with pen and paper does get the creativity juices flowing. What gets you most excited and motivated in writing?
    Equally, if you could share three tips you’ve learnt so far in blogging, writing and life respectively for each tip, what would it be?
    Looking forward to reading more amazing content from you RagazzaπŸ’–


  9. Hey angel, hope you are well. I am doing an activity which is similar to yours. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my latest post. Thank you so much.


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