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The Book Of Sorrow

Pen and paper. Heartbreaks and promises. Hatred and rainbows. Revenge and chaos. Love and madness. I am Ragazza Triste, a writer, a lover, a sad girl cloistered in my own private bubble. My fragile heart is a caddy of different stories and secrets. My mind is a mercurial chamber of mystic and wonder.

My writings are a revelation of my identity, the patina of my true intentions, the words and phrases, the prose and poems are all part of my existence, every emotion flowing through the ink of my passion represents power, freedom and ire.

You would have to be a different kind of crazy to understand my world, to really delineate the profound enigma of my fantasy, to uncover my deepest lies, to unmask my sins and imperfections. My words are a vessel of unsheltered thoughts and fears. Underneath all of this poetic mantle, is a sad girl.

37 thoughts on “The Book Of Sorrow

      1. Thanks, for asking, my dear Ragazza 🙂
        I had a classic influenza which kept me fighting against it for more than 4 weeks (fever, strong coughing) – but now I am fine again. Hope you are fine too – although life appears often like a roller coaster (with its ups and downs).

        Have a great time, my friend
        From heart to heart


      1. Hmm…. Have anyone told you that you are not that good to really write something of this magnitude? If you don’t try how would you know? And talking about time, I think I have enough of it and I can give some out to you freely. You should think about it. I have the feeling that this post title will make a best seller book. 😄


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