betrayal · broken · damaged · darkness · evil · fragmented · hate · lies · pain · past · tears · vanity

The Lunar Curse

I catalyzed a deceitful identity to be an instrument of revenge, a fictitious personality made to hunt and destroy. I had one purpose; To bring havoc and annihilation.

My mission was meticulously planned, there would be no trace, no clues, no mistakes, no breadcrumbs. Your destruction was the only vestige left of my existence.

I slowly crept inside your private life, spied on every move you made undetected. I made false claims, I used different people as pawns in my wicked scheme, I gained your trust because you were stupid enough to let me in, I collected facts, rumors and gossips, put them in a bullet and waited for the right moment to shoot you with it.

When the right moment came, the sky celebrated with me, your mournful cries were my affirmation, I crushed your world, added fuel to the fire and watched you burn in it. I saw your life disentegrate, your family almost disowned you, you were ostracized and humiliated publicly while I rejoiced at your defeat. But I wasn’t finished yet, after the bomb exploded, shrapnels of my hate lingered within you, a painful reminder of my victory.

If someone would ask me if I feel any guilt or contrition, I would simply laugh at them. I will never regret any of it, I would do the same thing over and over and over again if given the chance.

23 thoughts on “The Lunar Curse

  1. Wow, one consumed by such tyranny and rage dedicated to taking down one person, in retrospect’s the other person actually won. One who dedicates their time to one persons misery ignores many people’s happiness, unless they had no one to begin with. To become someone’s project, they’ve already taken something that the person can’t get back, and that’s time. They’ll recover from the explosion, the true bomb has yet to drop on its maker.
    Such an emotional post lovely, you are a wonderful writer, a joy to see you posting!!! Love your writings!!🌹


      1. You’re very welcome, such talent behind your writing….loved what you put into it. It sucks and you’ve been missed but you have been around and that is great when you’re here!😍. You’ve been busy and it’s understandable, we get that way.
        I’ve been great, busy with work going here and there but other than that, it’s been good. Posting when we can, and making our presence known.🌹. So good to see you again lovely, hope you’re doing great also!!❤️


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