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Bees and Clover

I wrote this letter to apologise. This is not an elaborate ploy or a frolic alibi. I need to get this off of my chest, not because of guilt or contrition, but because you deserve it.

I might have hurt you in the past, unintentionally, I might have said something offensive and judgmental, I was immature, I didn’t know any better, sometimes, my imagination becomes too much and it makes me say things I don’t really mean.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood your personality, I tried to figure you out without taking your individuality into consideration, I made assumptions without knowing your story, I quickly judged your character because I was overcritical and puerile.

I was wrong, I know that now, you actually have a very beautiful soul, you’re real and authentic, we’re quite similar, maybe that’s why I hated your guts, I see a bit of myself in you and it peeved me a little. Just a little.

Please disregard all the negativity I emitted, it ain’t easy, but I’ll wish on a four leaf clover that you would understand.



6 thoughts on “Bees and Clover

  1. apologise and release this bird to sky, let it fly free, not rest on your shoulder where it has the potential to weigh you down…beautifully written !


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