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Pills and Doubts


You were in the middle of a public opprobrium when we found each other, you were broken and beyond recognition, I didn’t know you but you had my sympathy, I shared your pain, I understood your hate because what you faced at the time was a battle I lost a few years ago. I bonded with your struggle. That familiar ache clouded my judgment.

We instantly became friends, amidst our distance,I comforted you, I helped you heal, I even tried to plant a seed of abhorrence in you, I wanted you to fight, I needed you to retaliate, but I failed, we were different, you were forgiving, I wasn’t.

I was so happy when you were able to move on, it took time but it made you better and smarter, you said that you were ready to love again, I disagreed, trusting people destroyed you, I told you to wait, I warned you a hundred times, you didn’t listen.

I found you again, broken and distressed, confused and suicidal, you also confessed to thinking about doing a mortal sin. I was disgusted. From that moment, you lost a friend in me. I could never tolerate evil like that. Sorry.

11 thoughts on “Pills and Doubts

      1. On the bright side, people can change but it usually requires a bit of time or catastrophe first. I pledge to learn from others mistakes and live peaceably.


  1. Sometimes people just can’t see what you see. Either they blind themselves intentionally to the truth, or they were not blessed to have the insight and wisdom that you have. The most we can do is give our advice, share our wisdom and be that voice of warning and reason for them. It’s up to them if they want to listen or disregard what you say. In the end, you’re the fortunate one. At least YOU know. Sorry you lost a friend, Ragazza. Hopefully she sees what you were trying to warn her about now.

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