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The June Love Letters

12:27 AM

Hey, I saw you in my dreams last night. It was vague and surreal, like a fictitious episode from one of my stories, you didn’t say a word, you just stood there and took my breath away like you always do, so easily. You vanished like a magical spell before I could even take a step closer. You’re elusive, even in my dreams.

8:13 PM

Hey, I got stuck in traffic again. I think listening to the songs you listen to calmed my senses, I closed my eyes and thought of you again. You got me where you want me and I willingly surrendered to your unbending mystery. Your eyes, they looked through my soul and I got lost into the depths of your unfamiliar territory. You will never ever find me.

2:46 PM

Hey, it rained today. I guess the rain makes it harder to control the heart from the things it wants to feel.Β  My pen won’t stop writing your name over and over again, trying to find the perfect word to unriddle this despairing fatuity. I don’t want to walk this lonely road alone, will you save me? Will you come with me into the wild?

48 thoughts on “The June Love Letters

      1. No longer unread I suppose. Although the person in question may be another matter still.


  1. the “like” button is so inadequate to express my admiration for this piece.
    I am sure this resonates with just about anyone who has ever been in love.
    And just loving the format! Really brings it home. Because that’s when we think about our missed ones … throughout the day and night, constantly. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww. This is so sweet, Fiery. Thank you so much for never failing to read my posts, you don’t know how much this touched me, I don’t always write about love but I love the reactions whenever I post something light and positive. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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