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The Boost Booth: ARE YOU A NEWBIE?

Hey darlings! Welcome to the first edition of The Boost Booth. I especially created this post for the newbies out there, I hope that this could somehow help you guys to get more views and traffic.

“How did you manage to get a lot of followers?” This is actually the most common question that’s been asked to me, at first, I didn’t know the answer myself but over time, I discovered a lot of ways to promote my page and to get more views on my posts.

I’ll give you the most important lesson that I learned and how it changed my perspective about blogging.


This is basically your playground, darlings. Everything starts here, the introduction of yourselves, your thoughts, your opinions and beliefs. The comment section is a great tool to promote your page, this is where I was able to meet all of my awesome friends. This is where you can also share your thoughts about the posted blogs, this is like a freedom wall. Ha ha.

“How long have you been blogging?” I probably used this line for over a hundred times on the comment section when I’m browsing for blogs to read and believe me, this is a great way to start up a conversation and this will eventually lead to friendships and acknowledgement.


Interact, Engage, Comment. You have to go out there and speak your mind, read a blog, tell the writer how it made you feel, how it connected with you, then encourage him/her to visit your page as well, you can leave a link along with your comment, a lot of them will respond positively. It worked for me.

Always be sincere.


Do not comment without REALLY READING the post just for a chance to mention or comment your link, this is unfair and downright immature.

Do not be mad or upset if that particular blogger didn’t or wouldn’t visit your page. It is not anybody’s OBLIGATION to do so, it’s still their choice, some of them are busy, others just don’t have the time and we must respect that.

I hope these tips would be useful, darlings! Let me know what you feel about this. Can you add more tips on the comment section?

87 thoughts on “The Boost Booth: ARE YOU A NEWBIE?

  1. I love the question tip of asking how long others have been blogging! How long have you been blogging? Now that you mentioned it, I am geniunely curious.

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      1. It’s amazing how much you’re able to keep writing in it consistently. How do you do that?


      2. I have one of the easiest jobs in the world, I don’t have a boss in the office, I pretty much just see him once every two months, there’s only two of us in the office and our job doesn’t really requires stressful working hours. So I am online most of the time, writing when I feel like it. I am lucky. 🙂

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      3. Wow, what luck indeed! To be able to have a good job and at the same time also be able to do what you love at the same time! ❤

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  2. I would go for quality over quantity when it comes to followers. I typically get 40-100 comments per post, have 320 followers of which about 40 are the core, super smart and interactive. Blog because you love to share your ideas. If you’re blogging to make money it’s going to be a long road.

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    1. I agree with this so much. I’ll be including this perspective on my the next edition of Boost Booth. I also blog because I want to meet new people, share ideas and basically just have someone to talk to and someone who would listen. As for money, nah, I don’t think it’ll ever come to that.

      Thank you, Jim. 🙂

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      1. Gotcha. I write a TON of posts but I’m not getting as much traffic. I know that you’re supposed to try to narrow down the subject matter, but I feel like my life IS the subject matter. But I’m having a hard time writing to get responses.


      1. I am (and better part of community) glad that you did it too. because you’re real. There are tons of post with a similar topic, but most of them sounds “preachy”, yours, though, sounds warn and encouraging; and I liked that a lot.


      2. I hope for it too, but it’s hard to push through the things that society demands – popularity, acclaim and such. People hardly believe their great if they don’t have at least hundredths of faceless “likes” to tell them so.


  3. What a wonderful post and a great roadmap of advice to beginning bloggers lovely. It’s no wonder people love your page and how you are, awesome indeed. Perfect pointers to page production.🌹. Keep it up, you’re awesome.


      1. Thank you lovely🌹. You make the journey for people so much fun and enjoyable and you really do a lot for blogosphere so you keep being you😉. Don’t change a bit because your booth makes more changes than Superman’s phone booth!😉. You’re super.💫


  4. This is really awesome advice, Ragazza! I love what you’re doing with this post and I think this will help not only newbies, but the well seasoned blogger too! Great job!! 🙂


  5. The tips you provided are the tips that I used when I first started blogging and it usually works.
    People love comments.
    Also promoting your blog on social media can help you to gain followers as well
    Another way to help get more followers is when you comment on a blog with a unique, deep thought provoking opinion that makes the blogger to view an topic in a different way is a great way because more than likely that blogger will be curious about you


    1. Yes. Haha. I did these too when I was just a newbie. Sometimes you get people to visit the page, sometimes you have to wait a long time to be noticed. I believe that having at least hundreds of followers gives a blogger a different kind of boost, knowing that there are people who’s willing to read your posts is awesome!


  6. Great post! I think you’re right that the best way to get more followers is to interact with others but also not to focus too much on getting more followers, if you see what I mean. You can do all sorts of techy things to promote your blog but just being yourself and loving your writing is the best way forward in my opinion; if people don’t love what you write it doesn’t matter because you do :O) x


    1. Yes. I’ll be mentioning about the numbers on the next edition of TBB. I didn’t really specify about the ‘followers’ part because I think that getting more views or traffic doesn’t always give a page followers, but it’s okay. When I reach the milestone of 1K friends, I stopped promoting my page because I think that I’m already getting enough recognition.

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  7. And the Angel comes out with another amazing post. You are a superstar. Yes I agree that comments are an important way or medium to interact. Its even better when readers specify which portion they like about the post rather than just saying its awesome. But I am one of those people who will say it’s awesome and great hahaha. I do have troubles in typing. Comments are ways we can make friends on wordpress and a beautiful support system. Keep up the great work angel. God bless you


  8. hey Ragz! My first feel after reading that you wrote for me! Thanks lot for this! I am new to blogging and it started with my short poems… ilove to explore what’s within me and also what’s in others!


  9. Great site you have here. I always enjoy discovering new places.

    You mentioned finding followers. One of the best ways is what I’m doing at this very moment. Find sites that you find interesting and fun. Let the person know and become a regular.

    A blogger has to go out and get it. Don’t expect them to come to you.

    You mentioned one other important thing: The comment section. As you said, read the comments before you reply. Some bloggers hit the like button but rarely respond. I try to reply to everyone. It’s something I enjoy and I want the person to know what they said matters.

    Lots a great info. Thanks for doing this.


    1. Thank you, Bryan. Well, you’re on the right track. He he. I am happy because you were able to find my blog.

      I struggled when I was starting out but overtime, I learned few things that helped me improve my social skills.


  10. We’re all here to learn, interact and heal our wounds using writing as a medium. Happy to meet new people even though some rarely engage in a conversation 🙂


      1. Yes but we are weird in the most loveliest of ways 😉 I’m great – relaxing after a busy day while immersing myself in worlds of poetry and fiction here. And you?


  11. You have a nice blog, but can you watch my first YouTube video which is based on Cricket and the link is provided in my latest post titled YouTube…

    I don’t want to waste my time in making the video if doesn’t have any potential. So, please provide me your valuable feedback on it.


      1. Thanks for being my first Subscriber ;). Where are you from? Haven’t you ever watched cricket? :). Thanks for appreciating my content even though you don’t know much regarding it.


  12. Hiya, did you delete your post from this morning? Just tried to reply to your comments and they’re failing to send and now I can’t find the post.
    For what it’s worth, what I was trying to send was: the advice I gave was not for you but for a newbie blogger who asked for some feedback on their site :O) x


    1. No, I didn’t delete, darling. I simply put it in the scheduled tab, as I had to re-post it, so you know, if I change the publish date and time, it would automatically disappear and then appear again at the specific time I scheduled it.

      Oh, I’m sorry. Ha ha.

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  13. I’m a newbie here, made my first post today. Just searched on newbies and this was the first result I got, really nice to have someone suggest helpful tips and support, I hope it works out for me too. Thanks


  14. I’m a newbie here, made my first post today. Searched on newbies and this was my first result, it’s nice of you to consider sharing helpful tips and support to the new bloggers who are mostly confused at early phase. I hope it works for me too,thanks


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