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Chasing June

The delicate rain gently embraced my trembling skin as I get closer to you
My throbbing heart drowned the silence
Echoing through the veneer of my denial.

I caught a glimpse of you from a distance
Memorizing each line on your face
The stars collided when our eyes met
I held my breath, locked in a forbidden gaze.

Your ocean of mystic bewildered my judgment
Lost in a ballad of marvel and wonder
Entangled in a hopeless dream
Uncertain. Unfamiliar.

“Can we meet again tonight”? I softly whispered
My voice sinking in a supernal reverie
“Maybe” he taunted
“For I am yours in your dreams, only in your dreams.”

58 thoughts on “Chasing June

  1. Very nice. I have a haiku.
    Eyes brown sea green eyes-
Chance meeting briefly staring-
Doubling glances-
    Have a great day!!


  2. Well done penned, my dear Ragazza 🙂
    From your warm words longing is arising,
    to feel love and light
    Touching your heart
    A painted dream
    That may come true.

    Thanks for sharing your beauty soul, my friend 🙂


  3. Damn like it. Sometimes love feels too good to be true. Felt like I was watching a Disney movie.
    Love is blind
    Love is an illusion
    love is risky
    and that’s the conclusion
    good job


  4. Lovely write and such description behind the story in the words. Loved how the emotions were carried as well. To see someone constantly in your dreams guaranteed is almost as good as seeing them on occasion. If the heart is strong, your dreams become reality. Loved the ending, for the heart was definitely caught. Great job!🌹🌹


      1. You’re very welcome lovely🌹. Well, you wrote something very romantic and lovely, very creative. And it’s only sad if you look at it the wrong way, you must remember there is a light side to everything, the way you wrote the ending may have been sad for some but I saw it quite romantically happy.🌹❤️. You’re so talented, you’re writing happy ending subconsciously😉


  5. Ah…these dreams of ours.

    “To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…”

    You know?

    Beautiful, darling.
    You’ve got me quoting Shakespeare at you for god’s sake!!!


  6. Hi! I“ve seen you`ve commented one of my writings “Forgive me, my dear”. Thank you for the comment. I decided to read that one of yours and I do like it! You certainly have a poetic talent. 🙂


      1. My mum was here a month & she usually takes all my time. Then also my dog has a tumor so it was lots with that. And I’m studying- Cognitive psychology, Japanese & portuguêse:))
        Have a good day 😀


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