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Fun in Ragazza Triste’s Page

Darlings! I am so excited to share something special for y’all. I have prepared fun activities on my page which I will be launching very very soon. The goal of these activities is to get to know everyone a little bit better, to motivate and improve interaction. I am hoping for your participation. I worked hard for this. I was feeling hopeless and empty couple of weeks ago but I used that ordeal to my advantage and made something incredible.

Please view the video for more details. I am so happy and I wanna share this blessing with you. Love you, darlings!

This award will be given to anomalous and phenomenal bloggers who made an impressive impact to the blogging community.

Basically a blog thread where everyone can talk about anything.

I made this for the newbies! This is where I could share some awesome ideas that coud help them a bit.

And the Kooky Tag! Yey, been conceptualizing this for months, and finally! Here it goes!

What do you think, darlings? Please let me know. Cheers! 😍😍😍

61 thoughts on “Fun in Ragazza Triste’s Page

      1. Well, if one can slog through the hard times, usually our greatest moments rise out of the ashes. The pressures on now!! Lol πŸ˜†


      2. Never fear! It all friends here. We may not all think alike, but pretty sure the consensus is we adore you.


  1. Really awesome ideas for the blog, Ragazza! Looking forward to seeing all of this in action! I’m sure it will be fun and engaging! 😁


  2. I love this! Hope I can keep up with it along with my own blogging. I have yet to schedule posts for the days that I have to go to work. Kept getting distracted and my brain is just bleh orz


  3. My dear Ragazza,

    Thank you very much for your good ideas and your sweet video presentation πŸ™‚ – with all its warm radiation coming from you πŸ™‚

    With your effort to be of help to others I wish you much success – serving people is in fact the true way for love and harmony between people – it also helps to make our own ego/mind a bit smaller and allows the voice of our heart to be heard.

    Good luck, my friend πŸ™‚
    From heart to heart

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  4. I am loving what you are doing and how you are bringing people together, you are amazing. You are a difference maker, a blog waker, chance taker award creator🌹!! Like I said, we all support and love what you do for your fans and I’m excited and looking forward to what you’re bringing on. It’s great to see your smile lovely.

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      1. It’s my pleasure to support you for you’ve done so much and I know you’ll do your best. We’re behind you lovely🌹


  5. Wow this is awesome. I love the enthusiasm you are showing towards your followers and friends and the way you are trying to connect everyone. I will try my best to participate in your activities. And hey, I love your voice. It’s really really sweet just like you

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  6. You are such a lovely soul. I love how your generous spirit is having a positive impact on this wonderful blogging community. All the best with these wonderful new ideas!
    MichΓ¨le πŸ’–


      1. I would love to do so as well but I didn’t really get what the rules are or what we are supposed to do. I did watch the video. I am sorry for not understanding. I would love for you to explain me ❀ ❀ ❀


      1. Please you have to believe me. You are the cutest person I’ve ever seen. I barely know you yet but to me, you’re just the encapsulated package of compassion. Believe me.


  7. This is going to be extremely fascinating, that thought is great. You are the best blogger among every one of the bloggers I’ve ever gone over, dear.


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