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It is time.
8 oclock.
Full moon.

While the target is asleep, alone in her room, the darkness would be a witness to a gruesome murder, a crimson color of rage and hatred unleashed to decimate everything in its path.

No one would hear any sound or noise, her screams would be muffled and stifled, as the avenging knife penetrates her soft flesh, as her blood copiously gushes out of every hole in her body, all she would see is a pair of cold eyes looking through her soul, as she desperately clings to little hope of survival, her labored breathing would dissipate, her hands clutching my neck would helplessly loosen, she would slowly close her eyes, embracing her demise.

But the pain won’t stop, her death would only fortify my disgust. Her punishment has just started. I won’t stop until the hand of justice crushed every bit of her, what’s left of her, I will break every bone in her body, I will drain her of blood, her mangled carcass would be in every trash can, in pieces.

53 thoughts on “Gehenna

      1. Hey angel do check out my latest post and let me know what you think. It’s the first time I’ve uploaded an audio fileβ™₯️β™₯️


  1. Such feeling you put into this and the entity itself was the portrayal which was fascinating. It plays into the title as well which is derived from death or Gehenna being a place of death, almost as Hades. And as you said in the story how death wouldn’t stop, it’s interesting because death was never ending also. What a creative and characteristic post lovely.

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