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Mr. Gutierrez


You put the smile on my face
You are the shiver in my spine
The northern star outside my window
The mirror to the depths of my soul.

Tell me, how do you do it?
How do you make me fall for you every single day?
Like it’s the first time, we kissed, we touched
The world around me disappears, in a snap.

Is it the warmth of your touch that cripples my psyche?
Is it the magic of your beautiful soul?
I melt away in your arms, falling deeply every time
Tell me, Marlon, I am dying to know.

49 thoughts on “Mr. Gutierrez

      1. yes I did… you wrote from the heart and that which comes from the heart has a tendency to reach the heart of those that are free to love and receive love… you are very welcome


  1. Lovely write on romance and the questions to how someone fills you with love. Like I said, it’s not what someone does for you, it’s what they do to you. I like how the questions of love were put in a lovely way but required no answer because the heart already knew. A wonderfully beautiful inspiring post. Must be love🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Very welcome.
        Just fine. Ha-ha. It’s only that, School’s trying to burn me out again.

        Hope you’re fine as well, dear. Xx


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