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Lost Followers?


Hey Lovelies! I miss y’all! What have you been up to? How’s your week? How’s work? How’s your family? I hope y’all are doing just fine. Have you been smiling? Try to smile more often, it suits you.

Last week, a fellow blogger sent me a message about what happened to his Blog page, it came to my knowledge that he lost almost all of his followers after changing his username, he was very upset and bothered because he’s starting to lose his interest in blogging, I mean, he worked so hard to get those followers.

I know that blogging or writing isn’t about the numbers, I believe that, but followers are very important to us, not just to increase our blog’s traffic, but because they are our friends, they are our supporters, they motivate us, they give us inspiration to do more, be better, write and interact better.

I feel so bad for him, because, losing 90% of his followers is unfair, I really wanna help him but I don’t know how, I tried googling about the issue and I can’t find anything that could help him.
Do you guys know anything about it? Can we help him out, I don’t want to see a fellow blogger stray from writing because of this setback. I hope we can help him.

Thank you lovelies, I apologise for putting my sentiments out, I hope we can help.

This is his blog link; https://attythonywrites.wordpress.com/

Have a good day, lovelies! 🙂

66 thoughts on “Lost Followers?

    1. Me too. I tried searching for a solution, I found a user who had the same problem way back, but it’s a little bit different because what she did is she changed her page address, not the username. I don’t know how to help him so I figure maybe one of you guys know about it.

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  1. Has he asked the WordPress help desk to look into it? They may be able to restore his original username. He can then tell his followers he is going to change his username and invite them to follow his new page.

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      1. That I’ll have to look in to, if i find something will let you know.
        And I’ll make sure to follow him, Just tell him don’t give up.

        At the beginning of my blogging journey i once did changed my web address, and I’d lost everything.

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  2. Aww, that’s not a good feeling because the blogging community does motivate you to write. I’ll have to go to his page, he should reach out to his followers and resend invitations but, changing user names can cause that because of all the spamming issues that’s been going on where spammers have been copying people’s name. It’s to bad he had to change his user name. It’s also great what you’re doing for him.🌹

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  3. Thanks so much, Triste.
    It’s a very big help for me.
    Ha-ha, It was really my fault, I feel so disappointed.
    But no, I’d like to confirm it that I won’t stop, maybe I’ll go on a hiatus to foget what happened and at that period of time, I’ll be trying to take back what I lost 🙂
    Thanks again.

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  4. Oh so sorry for him 😰
    I’ve never been there so i don’t know .
    I ve voluntarely removed 90% of followers last year. Yet I’m happy to have found real followers now. I hope that he’ll manage

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      1. They were fake followers.
        Unfortunately new ones are following so i removed them for nithing. 90% of my followers are fake, they follow so that i follow them back


      1. Same thing happened with one of my friend too but he didn’t ha dmuch followers so he was fine with it.


  5. Whoa! That’s awful! This is Mark’s blog! 😲 Let me make sure I still follow him. We talked the other day, so I hope WordPress didn’t remove some of his followers from his list He’s too amazing to have this happen to him like that.

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      1. Well, I checked to see if I still follow him and I do. So, thankfully I have not been removed. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen, simply from changing a username.


      2. Hope you don’t mind, I just reblogged this post on my blog. Maybe this will help spread the word and, hopefully, get his followers back, along with some new faces.

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      3. You’re very welcome and I think that’s great of you to help him out like that. You have a huge heart, girl!


  6. One way we can all help is to reblog his posts and tell people what happened. This should get some of his followers back, and perhaps gain some new ones.

    Be blessed, and thank you for helping him out

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      1. It is the things we are most passionate about, that we tend to do, without charging, because it feeds our own soul… you had no choice… it was a natural thing for you to do… I just recognized it… Goodness should always be applauded and celebrated…


  7. As the other commenters suggested, the WordPress Admin is probably his only hope. In the meantime, your post will help reverse the loss of followers. Setbacks are an opportunity to come back stronger and it’s awesome that you shared the link to his blog. I will definitely check out his work.

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  8. Awful thing to happen. You develop a friendship with one another on this platform. It would be sad for more than half to dissapear. I have empathy towards his situation. hope he continues to write. Write about how he feels. It may prove to be therapy

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