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The Lemon Avenue


A dilapidated house sat in the middle of nowhere, the walls have deteriorated through years of neglect, the roof was damaged by elements of lies and deception. It was a four-walled dungeon hidden behind the guilty eyes of the damned fools who tried to salvage its existence.

As the howling of birds succumbed into the darkness, a soft cry permeated through the algid atmosphere, it was a woman. Her sobs pervaded the desolated prison, she felt helpless, she felt alone and misunderstood.


Chained and fettered in hell, immured within a deceptive hedge, she cried as her life crumbled in front of her, not being able to choose the path to freedom, constrained into a life of endless pretense, driven by guilt and sympathy.


She was a prisoner.
She was alone.
No one cared. No one listened. She wanted to get out, but she was trapped in her own mind.


As she helplessly tried to get up, a warm unfamiliar touch embraced her eluding heart, a touch beyond the realm of right and wrong, a touch she could never resist. It felt like home for a moment, it tasted like freedom. It was the love her heart has always yearned for. She closed her eyes, she let it melt her away. She let the fire consume her.



She closed the door behind her.

43 thoughts on “The Lemon Avenue

  1. Sometimes one feel that’s their only escape and that’s to bad, but that sense of freedom is relief in their mind. And if they are willing to become one with that feeling, they made that choice long ago. You wrote this so well and put the right emotions and perfect descriptions into it.!🌹🌹


      1. You are something else with all you do, and the emotion and feeling you put into your writing is just another notch in the talent pole you have lovely. My pleasure reading your work.🌹🌹


      2. Very true beautiful and those differences are what makes us unique, but sharing a common drive puts us all in a similar category just different standards.


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