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Tsaran, tsaran!



I am back. Ragazza Triste is back! I miss y’all so much, I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, not yet, at least. Ha ha! These past couple of months has been a cocktail of emotions, I was on vacation, I was off the grid, I wasn’t online or socially active on the internet, I was being a monk, ha ha.

I had fun, I was happy, I didn’t care much about other things, I wanted to spend time with my family, to be there for them. It was the most beautiful thing.

Coming back to Dubai was a different story though, it was very upsetting, I was very shaken and flustered because I didn’t wanna go back, I didn’t wanna leave home, my life is there, my heart jumped out of my chest and stayed in the Philippines. I was so heartbroken.

I was thinking bad thoughts, I was all out of my elements, it was hard, I struggled to find inspiration, I wasn’t so sure if I could be able to get rid of my private demons, boy, they are out for blood and I am just a sitting duck waiting to be ruined. I am pretty sure that I am over-reacting, ha ha! πŸ™‚

Seriously, I was a mess. I couldn’t function. I felt so empty.

I prayed, I asked for His guidance, I talked to the man upstairs, I needed to feel better, and I felt better. Now I’m here, smiling while typing this bread and butter post, laughing at myself. Thank you to all of you, for accepting my weakness, for not bailing out on me, for sending your thoughts and love, I am so happy.


So, The Blogger Spotlight will be back tnext Sunday, The Kooky Tag is almost finished, I am also doing a fun activity for y’all, and my very own Blogger Award is on the works. This is all for you, guys!


Yey! How’s everything with you, guys? Talk to me on the comment section. Cheers!

82 thoughts on “Tsaran, tsaran!

      1. Have been spending the last few months getting our house ready for sale…it is just the two of us now, so we are downsizing. Hopefully, the money will be enough to finance my wife’s retirement, and maybe a good vacation.


      1. Haha! Well, if you’re waiting for those balloons, they’ll probably bust by the time they reach you! Lol

        You are very welcome, my friend! You deserve all the happiness in the world! πŸ™‚


  1. So good to have you back lovely, pure strength is confronting those demons and defeating them and it seems that’s what you did. Of course we support you, you’re a big part of us and the things you’ve done for us and for me especially, I can’t thank you enough lovely. You are strong and it’s great to have your beautiful smile back in blogland!! Remember, the past can’t hurt you if you don’t let it❀️. Looking forward to your new projects and anything we can do, we’re with you.😁


  2. Thank you, the WordPress community is awesome!!!
    About my blog, I really don’t know, I’m quite new over here.
    But with people like you over here, I couldn’t hope for better


      1. Great, so you have someone who look after you. Sometimes it is hard to be on your own overseas. I live in several countries by myself before and luckily I have a very good friends:)
        Now I am in Copenhagen Denmark with my husband:)


      2. ha..ha.. not everywhere. It is soo many places I would like to visit but so little time. Yes, both of us a foodie and we love food. Actually we have more food photos but my husband told me not to put all in the IG. He prefer to put a travel photos and not just food:)

        If you ever come to Copenhagen, please let me know. I can show you the old town and we can have the famous danish pastries:)


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