The Blogger Spotlight

Hey lovelies!

As you all know, I have launched a new series on my Blog page yesterday; The Blogger Spotlight Series. In this series, I will be featuring and promoting different bloggers every week, I hope that this will be a useful tool to help newbie and current blogggers find the motivation and the encouragement that their page needs. I look forward to your support in this project.

If you want to be featured or if you want a particular blogger to be featured, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, you can leave links to your profile as well or contact me on my page.

What do you think about this series?

Will you be supporting me on this?

I’d like to know what you guys think, any ideas that can help this series be more effective and fun? Please leave a comment below.

Thank you so much, lovelies! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š


  1. Great idea, some of us need all the help we can get…:-) LOL…here’s my blog. I’m a solo middle-aged female who travels, hikes, camps, backpacks and lives in her van. On my blog, I not only share my travels and photography but also ideas and inspiration regarding this lifestyle. There are also links to my Facebook page, my YouTube Page, and my Photo Gallery. Thanks for doing this, and Happy Blogging to you!

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  2. Hey. I am so so sorry for the late reply. Your comment was in my spam folder for some reason. I will add you to the list. I just want your patience, I will be featuring one blogger every week so please bear with me. I will let you know if there are some changes. But you will be on the list. 😊


    1. Uhm. I will be adding you on my long list, just know that I will only be featuring one blogger every week, so I need you to bear with me, I mean, you would all have a chance to be featured.
      Well, about the support, I think it would be really great to visit the page of the featured blogger, and then read something, leave a comment or if you really liked the page, then you can follow it.


  3. Count me in SVP, I already have 2 books published, WHERE IS MY ANGEL? & MOMMY I AM A PACER! And currently looking for a publisher for my ready to publish book, have a blog and…

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  4. As a newbie since May, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s blogs. By the way, you had me as a new follower as soon as I saw the cat profile picture and then I saw your site, wow!! 😻 I love the theme your are using it’s so different. Thanks!

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      1. Yes, I have two rescues and volunteer as a β€œCat Cab” at our local Catfe. Do you have a local Catfe near you? Ours just opened in January and have adopted out over 50 cats already! ❀️.

        I’d love to be added to your list and will patiently wait too. It will give me more time to add to my blog. 😊. Here is my favorite post so far. I write about using mobile devices and I was able to work in my favorite place to write. Check out the link to our Catfe. Thanks again!!


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