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God has created an angel

An angel with no wings

An oasis of impetus and comfort

The purest visage of love


In the midst of all the chaos

She is my sanctuary

In an ocean of plangent noise

Her arms are my tranquil


Her warmth and devotion built an in-frangible home

Her sapience elevated the roof of unbounded lore

Her voice resonated with guarded welfareΒ 

She is my unsung hero. Mama!🀩




74 thoughts on “Alma

    1. Yes. I know. I don’t always post anything about my parents, I believe that showing love to them doesn’t have to be always publicized. But, thank you. Happy Mother’s Day to your mum too. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahaha. I am happy you found them useful, had to put extra effort in making sure that I make sense. I want the readers to learn things from me, I am also learning from you guys.


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