Did you know that I’m always crying myself to sleep every night? Being without you is a lot harder than I thought. I thought I was invincible, that my heart wouldn’t break and yet I barely get by. I lost a huge part of myself because I am not with you. You are the half of my heart and you not being with me is a dismal rigor that I think I’ll never be able to get used to.

I can’t put it in words or in any writing or in any of my abysmal imagination how much I adore you, nothing could ever delineate how I feel. You are my God-given solitude. I could lose my voice calling out your name and still have the puissance to descant our favourite song, I could lose my sense of reality in the reverie of our fairy tale  and still have the fortitude to reveal imperfections. I could start my whole life over and still have the passion to have you in it.

I love you. I am so in love with you, you are the butterflies in my stomach, you are my absolute certainty, you are my every morning, you are my celestial relish. I love you with every fragment of my soul. I love you. My one and only.


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