believe · brave · broken · courage · faith · fight · fragmented · hope · love · pain · tears


  She woke up to another painful sunshine, another typical day of fray, a morning of defeat and hesitations. Although it's always been a routine for as long as she can remember, she struggled to get out of bed, she looked at the clock sitting peacefully on her bedside table, 8:30 it said, sighing deeply,… Continue reading Outside

believe · brave · broken · courage · crush · damaged · destiny · fate · heartbreak · hope · inspire · love · pain · support · tears · unrequited love


It was the cold month of February, I was just an almost woman trying to blend in to a world of audacious behaviour and raging adolescence. I was an emotional wreck when he found me, he was just an ordinary guy, with a passive character, quiet but errant in an amusing way, you'd certainly notice… Continue reading February