Sex is completely taboo. People don’t normally talk about it outside their comfort zone, and if you do talk about it, they would generally judge and condemn you saying that you do not have self-respect. UGH! The hypocrisy! I mean, I know that SEX is sacred, blah blah, and I am not being disrespectful nor am I committing blasphemy, but c’mon, people should know. We should be educated. Just because we talk about it doesn’t mean we’ll do it any chance we get.

Sex is a beautiful thing, especially if we do it with someone deserving. You don’t just give it to anyone who would spend the night with you in a bar, then end up in a motel room after drinking a couple of shots, without even knowing his name; and then the next morning, you’d wake up and he’s gone and you’re just alone feeling disgusted with yourself – that’s the easiest way to be called a slut. You give it to someone who’s willing to wait, who respects you and everything about you. That’s what makes it beautiful.

And what about this “virgin”, “purity is everything”, “if you’re not a virgin then you don’t deserve respect” mentality? I don’t get it. You commited a sexual act with someone you love and who loves you, and you had a child out of wedlock and you’re not married, but is it justifiable to be called sinners and immoral? How do you truly define morality? You slept around, had a lot of hook-ups, went out with a lot of boys, and were branded as a whore. People keep saying that no one would truly accept you because you’re not pure anymore and that you are an abomination to their barometer of chastity. So.. just because you ignored the rules of abstinence, then you are stripped of your right to choose for yourself?

My point is, we are bound by our choices, if we choose to not wait and indulge in the bliss of physical relations, if we choose to share a part of ourselves to someone, as long as we are not hurting anyone, or being unfair to anyone, then why should we be judged and ostracized? I’m not saying that you go for it, dummy, I think that waiting for the right time and the right person, after being married is the right thing, but it’s always going to be your call, your decision, your choice, but having free will doesn’t alter the fact that there are certain responsibilities that come with it. When you’re ready to make a decision for yourself, you have to be sure that you are completely ready, financially and emotionally without jeopardizing your loved ones.

Anyways, this is just one of my uncalled for blusters. You are your own person, do what you gotta do. To each his own.


  1. The only thing which is responsible is the MINDSET. Actually speaking, I’ve never got the true reason. So, I ignore these sort of people. Don’t waste time on them. If you know any way, you can tell me. Thanks and live well.


      1. Even if a boy roams around the city alone at 3 am, people find that something is wrong with him or they feel that the guy is going to do something terrible. Look, we are humans. It’s not about what you are called, it’s all about what you believe.
        It’s okay. Leave them with their thoughts.

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