I am not forcing anyone to like me or talk to me and be my friend. I grew up attached and close to my family, no one gets me like they do, no one understands how I can be too loud, obnoxious, peculiar or controlling. I barely get by being me so I decided to just ignore the possibility of having a friendly relationship with anyone, you know, I didn’t have any “real friends”. No, I have trust issues, I didn’t want people to have the chance to betray me or replace me with someone cooler or something, I protected my heart because I know that people will eventually hurt you, leave you and make you feel less and expendable.

It sucks sometimes though, not being able to be a part of a squad or a group, much like being left out because you’re weird and different, I feel out of place sometimes, I needed someone who thinks like me, or someone with a better knowledge, someone with a beautiful mind and a clever acumen. I didn’t need to look far and away because I have my sister, my clever-bitchy sister.

She’s been my BFF since forever. We went to the same school, we were classmates, we won contests and competitions together. studied in the same college, took the same course, graduated together, we got accepted by the same company for our first job, we hate the same person, we talk about Clint Eastwood and how much of a legend he is, we totally adore Mariah Carey, Benedict Cumberbatch and Leo Dicaprio, we both love cats (I don’t understand how she can be so obsessed with cows and shit though). We both love Writing (except I am more emotional and dramatic).

We completely get each other, we have our own world that no one would ever understand, we laugh at something that isn’t funny to other people, we talk of things that people wouldn’t normally talk about.

She is my bestfriend. She will always be my smarter half, my perfect moiety. My bitchy sister. 


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